Jacksonville DUI Attorney

Jacksonville DUI Lawyer

You never thought it would happen to you, but now you have been arrested and charged with drinking and driving. What happens next? Who can you turn to for help? At times like this, you need the defense of a skilled Jacksonville DUI lawyer.

Jacksonville law enforcement does not go easy on those charged with DUI. The prosecution is under extreme pressure from the media and special interest groups to have you convicted and sentenced to the maximum punishment possible. You will probably be told that you have no chance of defending yourself, and that you are better off just pleading guilty. They may even tell you that the court will go easier on you and give you a lenient sentence if you would only cooperate.

Don’t buy in!

If you plead guilty the prosecution wins another victory, and law enforcement wins kudos for “cleaning up the streets.” But although you may have a lighter sentence, you still have a DUI conviction on your record. Not only could you still face fines, a suspended license, and jail time, but a DUI conviction can make life difficult for you in many ways for years to come. This can only be considered a loss for you.

There is a better way!

At our law office, we are dedicated to defending clients just like you against all types of DUI related offenses in Jacksonville, Duval County, and surrounding areas. We restrict our practice solely to DUI defense, in order to better serve our clients by staying up to date on changing DUI laws and tailoring our defenses to meet your needs.

Now matter what your case is, you have a defense. With the right legal defense, you can beat your charges. Our staff is ready to answer your questions 24 hours a day by phone, fax, or e-mail. To see what a good legal team can do for you, contact us and schedule a free consultation with a top Jacksonville DUI lawyer today.