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DUI Misconceptions in Jacksonville

Don’t drink and drive: it’s common knowledge, but every day people continue to get behind the wheel after they have had far too much to drink. Why does this keep happening? Most likely, it’s because so many misconceptions about drinking and driving are out there, and too many people have learned and understand these misconceptions as fact. By debunking these myths, perhaps we can help to keep more people off the road, safe from accidents, harm, and DUI arrests.

I only had a couple of drinks, I couldn’t be drunk!

Everyone thinks that they have a great handle on how much they can drink before becoming intoxicated. Unfortunately, it’s not an exact science, and many people hit 0.08% BAC well before they start to feel “drunk.” Your rate of intoxication can be affected by a variety of factors, from sun exposure to how much you’ve had to eat today. If you’ve been drinking, it’s probably a good idea to skip driving no matter how good you feel.

Getting a DUI is no big deal anyway.

Incorrect! A DUI is a very big deal, especially in Florida. Even if this is your first arrest ever and your record is otherwise completely clean, you can face serious penalties if you are convicted. Even a misdemeanor can result in such sentences as jail time, probation, a suspended license, and hundreds of dollars’ worth of fines. A DUI can also continue to haunt you long after your immediate sentence is served. Your record can be found easily by potential employers and school boards, making it difficult to move on and build a future beyond your arrest.

I don’t really need a lawyer.

False! The law is a complex matter, and DUI law is no exception. You will be up against prosecutors who have dedicated their careers to the study of law, who have built up a reputation of respect within the court and know exactly how to present their case for maximum effectiveness. In order to make sure that your trial is fair, it is crucial to even the playing field by enlisting a heavy hitter of your own. By hiring an experienced Jacksonville DUI lawyer, you can be sure that your side is being represented fairly and that justice is being aggressively pursued.